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I'm currently working full-time as Senior Art Director at BUCK New York and building new futuristic projects.

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Hi Friends! My name is Renaud & I'm a French Designer based in Brooklyn.

I am obsessed with the idea of using Creativity, Design, Innovation, Science, Behaviour & Experiences to empower Humans around the world.


2007 ー After studying Applied Arts in High School, I moved to Paris to study design and dropped Design School a year later.

After studying Applied Arts and a short admission at ENSAAMA Olivier de Serres in Paris, I started working as a design apprentice under the mentorship of David Ronhel for the design studio HKI Hellohikimori where I later became Art Director.

There, I contributed to the success of a number of award-winning work (FWA, Webby, Promax,) for clients such as Louis Vuitton, Diesel, Coca Cola, Orange or L'Oréal and participated in festival talks (OFFF, MADinSpain) and live press events (Adobe).


2011 ー I moved to London to freelance and switch from Interactive and WebDesign to 3D and motion.

There, I contributed to the success of projects for small brands including Nike, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Disney, for renowned award-winning studios such as ManVsMachine, Nexus Production and Universal Everything.

2015 ー Co-Founded the 3D Design Studio Panoply alongside Mark Lindner.

I ideated, designed, and co-directed our launch project, "A Guide To Happy", which gathered a humble total of a million+ views with press features in Vice media, Motionographer and Fubiz. Panoply successfully created and produced high-end commercial 3d motion work for small businesses such as Nike, Louis Vuitton, and Mercedes.

2018 ー Established an independent practice to study Typography & Design Systems.

I created many typefaces, including the RenoMono free font with a 20K+ download and a five-star rating ✨ Commissioned and co-directed to design the identity of League Of Legend Teams (Only the small equivalent of Fifa in e-sport) with Matthias Winckelmann from Foam Studio in Berlin.

New York

2019 ー Moved to New York to join BUCK.🗽

After failing miserably to surrender to the long-term joy of mechanical work and the many glories of becoming a typographer, I had been offered to join BUCK as a Senior Art Director to contribute to Brand Activations, Brand Design, and multi-platform Design Systems.

2020 ー Coaching & Mentoring in response to the COVID-19 situation in 2020.

I contributed to help young professionals and students through free Online Coaching & Mentoring, using Systemic Approach, reviewing portfolios, and providing self-development strategies.

2021 ー Launching numen.

I am currently building numen, an online self-growth platform for the creative, design, art & innovation community.

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